Gweek Quay Boatyard offers a lot more than just winter storage...

We offer storage ashore year round with a number of sheds available for undercover storage and we have various types of moorings available for the summer months if you are going afloat.

Once your vessel is safely lifted ashore we offer a full range of services from simple pressure washing of the hull, scraping off the season's barnacles and minor repairs of GRP chips and dings to complex marine engine repairs, outboard servicing, new engine installations, interior modifications, complex or structural GRP repairs and rigging modifications or repairs.

For owners who live further afield and leave their boats with us we offer a management service - a weekly check of  your vessel, pumping the bilges if required, feeding the electricity meter to keep the dehumidifier running and any other tasks you require.

We are able to arrange liferaft and lifejacket servicing, fire extinguisher servicing, sail cleaning and repairs, boat valeting, gas checks and can assist with many other annual tasks.

As a traditional boatyard we are equipped to undertake any or all aspects of restoration work - whatever your project, we have the facilities to meet your needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.