tendrr: a new platform for sailors

We recently came across tendrr: a new platform designed to get sailors out on the water more. It's free and is set to launch in mid-May, offering a range of services to help you spend more time on your boat.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 18.38.58.png

Essentially, the platform has three functions: you can plan your sailing season, link up with boats, crews and sailing opportunities near you, and build up a record of your sailing trips and experience.

Their scheduling tool helps you to manage your sailing calendar in one place: you can schedule trips with your regular sailing crew, find out about major sailing events and plan cruising trips through the year.

tendrr also helps you find sailing opportunities near you with their CrewMatch service  which connects you with available crews and boats.

Their SailingCV lets you record your sailing trips and positions you've filled, and find other sailors near you, helping you grow your network.

The platform should be launching mid-May, and in the meantime the team at tendrr are running a referral campaign in the run up to the big launch: refer your friends and you can win free Henri Lloyd sailing kit. Sign up here.

Like us, tendrr are sponsoring Falmouth Classics. You can find out more and sign up to up their mailing list on their website tendrr.co.